miercuri, 8 decembrie 2010

Despre întrebări

Heisenberg and Bohr and Einstein strike me as being like gifted retriever dogs. Off they go, not just for an afternoon, but for then years; they come back exhausted and triumphant and drop at your feet...A vole. It's a remarkable thing in its way, a vole - intricate, beautiful really, marvellous. But does it...Does it help? Does it move the matter on? 

When you ask a question that you'd actually like to know the answer to - what was there before the Big Bang, for instance, or what lies beyond the expanding universe, why does life has this inbuilt absurdity, this non  sequitur of death - they say that your question can't be answered, because the terms in which you've put it are logically unsound. What you must do, you see, is ask vole questions. Vole is - as we have agreed - the answer; so it follows that your questions must therefore all be vole-related.

Sebastian Faulks - Engleby

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