joi, 13 octombrie 2016

Bob Dylan - early years

Sau de ce ar fi bine să ai mare grijă - vedetă fiind, "modelul unei generații" - ce spui la tinerețe!
The New Yorker:
"(...) in December, 1963, he (B. Dylan, n.m. |CS) gave a rambling speech at the Americana Hotel, in New York, accepting something called the Tom Paine Award from the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee. Intoxicated by a sense of his, and his generation’s, ascendance (and possibly a drink or two), Dylan got up and mocked the elders in the audience. “It is not an old peoples’ world,” he said. “It has nothing to do with old people. Old people, when their hair grows out, they should go out. And I look down to see the people that are governing me and making my rules—and they haven’t got any hair on their head—I get very uptight about it.”

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